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Key Features


  •  Light weight

  •  2 or 4 launcher option

  •  Extremely durable

  •  Fully adjustable

  •  Granulated rubber padding

  •  CNC machine

  •  Meets NAFA regulations

  •  Custom boxes 

Our flyball box is CAD designed and CNC cut for consistency and accuracy every time.  Built from Cabinet grade Maple Veneer plywood that withstands the forces of the largest of dog breeds. We use plywood for its durability and rigidity but also because plywood is very stable through out moderate temperature changes.  To maximize strength we glue and screw our box together using weather resistant hardware and waterproof glue. This stability means our boxes stay extremely sensitive to even the lightest touch at all time.  Unlike Plastic flyball boxes, our box will need limited to no adjustment due to the temperature of the day.  Our box offers ¼ thick granulated rubber padding, which is light and very durable, unlike foam that needs replaced from time to time. This padding also allows for maximum traction for the dogs return down the lane. A standard feature we offer is grip material on the entire bottom of the box for maximum friction to stop the box from turning or moving during a race.  We offer custom colours for your flyball team, as well as custom logo engraved into the lid for easy identification at races or just for promotion of your business or team.

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